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K9 Collars operate a 24 Hour SOS Help Line to provide our unsurpassed wealth of experience and practical advice to dog owners on training and troubleshooting hints.

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When you contact K9 Collars, you are dealing with real people who can provide real on-site service. We take the interest and safety of your family pets to heart to provide you with service and products to enable you:

We are not an “internet based business” which simply boxes up a product and posts it to you with an invoice attached.  At K9 Collars, we sincerely believe your pet’s safety and well being is of the highest priority.  We believe that full personal service; before, during and after your consultation is the only way you can have a true guarantee that you have the best solution for your individual situation.


The K9 Collars Mission Statement

To build a meaningful relationship with our customers, staff and suppliers where our philosophy of honesty, integrity and job execution done right the first time, results in complete customer satisfaction.

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Contact our 24hr SOS Helpline for our unsurpassed wealth of experience and practical advice.

1300 130 910

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Paw The K9 Collars team is always on the lookout for enthusiastic dealers and agents to join their team.

Paw If you have a dog or pet related business or are genuinely enthusiastic about our products please fill in the form below to contact us.

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