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K9 Collars Containment System, sometimes referred to as a Radio Fence, is designed to help with problems associated with roaming dogs. These problems include escaping through an open gate, jumping or climbing over existing fencing or digging out of the yard.


A K9 Collars Containment System provides protection against inadequate fencing by creating a boundary with no visible dog fence at all. A wire is run around the boundary or area in which you wish to contain your dog. The wire can be attached to an existing fence, buried in the ground or a combination of both to protect gates and driveways. A FM radio frequency runs through the wire and your dog wears a lightweight receiver on its collar. This receiver picks up the radio signal as the dog approaches the wire.

As your dog gets close to the wire, the collar gives an audible “beep” warning, which the dog recognises as a clear command to stop and go back. If the dog heeds the “beep” warning, nothing happens. If the dog ignores the “beep” warning and continues into the correction zone, only then does the dog receive a harmless but uncomfortable static stimulation at the correction level you choose. There are a number of correction levels, which can be individually programmed to suit your particular dog.

Now you teach your dog two basic commands with the aid of temporary boundary flags placed in the ground and the receiver collar. A visual boundary with the flags means, “do not cross”. The audio boundary with the collar tells the dog to “go back”. Over a short period of time, you train and reinforce these two basic commands. Your dog has now learnt two zones. The safe zone is inside the boundary; the warning zone is at the edge of the boundary. You have now reinforced that “beep” means “stop and go back”.

The K9 Collars Containment System is very flexible. Not only can you keep your dog in, but you can “fence off” areas where you don’t want your dog to go, such as garden beds, BBQ areas etc.

The K9 Collars Containment System is portable, you can take it with you if you move house or go on holiday. The K9 Collars Containment System is cost effective compared to conventional dog proof gates and fences.

The system comes with an easy to follow Training and Installation Manual plus backup service, advice and assistance as required. Professional installation of your K9 Collars Containment System is available in most areas.


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K9 Grillo

This machine was designed by us. Its gentle enough to bury the boundary wire with minimal or no damage to manicured lawns. Yet tough enough for large acreage, with roots, rocks and hard ground and buries the wire to an acceptable depth.