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Some important facts about K9 Collars
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Paw First Pet Management Company in Australia to provide the following products:

Dog Containment Systems


k9 containment  systems

Fully serviced Pet Containment Systems. We have installed more Containment Systems in Australia than all of our competitors together.

A K9 Collars Containment System provides protection against inadequate fencing by creating a boundary with no visible dog fence at all. A wire is run around the boundary or area in which you wish to contain your dog. The wire can be attached to an existing fence, buried in the ground or a combination of both to protect gates and driveways. A FM radio frequency runs through the wire and your dog wears a lightweight receiver on its collar. This receiver picks up the radio signal as the dog approaches the wire.

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Dog Bark Collars


k9 bark collars

Bark Collars for Rental and Sale, with the intention of offering a service, not just selling a product.

The K9 Collars Standard Bark Collar is fully waterproof, suitable for most dogs and is equipped with a standby mode to promote longer battery life.

The K9 Collars Standard Bark Collar picks up the vibration from the dog’s vocal chords when it barks. The patented vibration sensor cannot be falsely activated by other dogs barking or external noises.

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Dog Remote Trainers


k9 remote trainers

Remote Training Products with personalised training advice to help specifically target your individual dog problems.

The K9 Collars Remote Training Collars are designed for both the professional trainer and with help and advice, the average pet owner with minimal training experience.

The K9 Collars Remote Training Collars can be used to deter unwanted behaviour with various correction levels or warning tones sending a clear and precise message to the dog at the time of the misbehaviour.

This product is highly successful in solving difficult dog problems. For example; attacking wildlife, unwanted aggression, off lead recall work, destructive chewing and digging.

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Bo Pebs and Badger

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